Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Heidi Home Show 2013

Welcome! Come on in.

I'm so glad that you could make it over to our new place.

Did you use the lion door knocker?

It hangs over the detailing a bit, but Anthony made it work.


No, please, leave your shoes on.  I really don't care.

Let me introduce you to the railing that I want to paint. {insert PTSD shiver}
And the little ledge over the hallway that I'm not sure how I want to decorate.
And the diminutive baby chandelier by the door that leaves the space dark and foreboding.

The light from the dining room tries to help out, but I'm pretty sure it just gets sucked up by the Styrofoam Miami Vice cornices.

The living room is essentially our storage shed right now.  I refuse to put anything on the walls until they are painted.  

But even when there is fresh paint, I'm not sure I have a spot for my vintage 'BAKE' sign letters I bought before we moved in.  They are too big for the space above the kitchen cabinets and it makes me sad.

Come through the hallway, past the wall niche that I want to transform.  

A finalized plan? No.  But whatever it is will involve killing the fleur de lis family.

Hi Anthony!  He is working on the doggie door for Roldy in the family room.  It is hard to see the safety glasses he is sporting, but they are there.

I nabbed the kitchen table and chairs from a couple in Sun City.

It is on my list of redo projects at home.

A list that, much to Anthony's chagrin, keeps growing every week as I drag a treasure home.  And, of course, I'll show you everything.

This kitchen and family room area is where we spend 90% of our awake time.

Which explains why it is the only part of the house clean and organized.

I even kept it mess real for you in the master bedroom upstairs.

Yes, those are three little windows stuffed with foam board up there.  Classy, I know.  A stained glass future?  Time will tell.

Oh look, its the king of the castle taking a nap on our bed.  Surprise, surprise.

I'm reading Caesar Milan's book about 'How to be the pack leader' but I'm not sure its working.  I'm pretty pathetic at it.  I've even started saying out loud on walks, "I'm in charge!" so he can smell my authority and confidence.  But then he sniffs a flower and sneezes and then I giggle and let him pee on everything nearby because he has earned it with his cuteness.

One more stop.

My haven of imagination.  A room all my own.

The mess will go and the organization will come.  And someday soon, I will sit up there and write to you and reflect and share and laugh.  And someday far off, I will look back on this picture and feel the 'new house' joy pulsing though me in remembrance.  And think about Heidi 2013 and the adventures and merriment waiting for her around the bend.  And be grateful for all the lessons she learned.


  1. Love it! We should trade puppy notes sometime. Penny is definitely the queen of our castle as well. Maybe if we bring her back for x-mas they can spend the holidays fighting it out.

    1. Yes! That would be amazing! Although, likely, they will just lounge on the bed and talk about how they have made us their bitches.