Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rug Shots

I went rugging mad over Memorial Day weekend and ordered 3 rugs from Rugs USA

They were having one of their frequent 65% off sales, (like the one going on now that ends at midnight) so each one was about $50.  Except for the Chunky Jute Loop rug under my kitchen table that was $69 for the 5'x8'. 

Honestly, I don't have a lot of rug experience.  So there is comfort in trying things out for under $75.

Because complete fails over that amount triple in their internal sting.

Once the room is more put together, I'll need your feedback for the Santa Ana rug in my studio (formerly known as the craft room). I wanted something fun for between my desk (a project that I haven't started) and my credenza (I'll show you next week).

The colors: Love
The size: Unsure

The last rug went to the patio.

First, picture yourself drinking a mimosa here the next time you visit.

Now picture it with the Outdoor Chevron rug.


And I know that the rug will be happier too once I get some additional color out there.

Now, off to make a sign letting the neighborbirds know that rugs are not for pooping.

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