Tuesday, July 17, 2012

LEGO Vaughn: Headboard & Cornice

A matching LEGO headboard and cornice. It is every little kid's dream.

They just might not know it.

Vaughn knew it.  He talked about a headboard with LEGO bricks painted on a piece of wood similar to the mock up I did for him here:

But during planning, I saw this Italian designed wall radiator and completely lusted after its silhouette.

Lusted with drool.

And I'm totally serious that it is a radiator.  Check out the other brick models that Scirocco offers.

Thankfully Vaughn was down with the concept.

It was back to Google SketchUp.

Headboard sized for Vaughn's queen bed:

Cornice plan for Vaughn's window.

We ordered the wood discs online and purchased the plywood sheets from Home Depot.

The guy at Home Depot was kind enough to cut the large sheets down to size. He said he was jealous and wanted a LEGO room of his own.

I'm pretty sure he was telling the truth.

Sherri and Anthony were working on the headboard while I was upstairs working on the mural.  Suddenly, I got really nervous and walked to the garage working up a speech about how important it is to get the discs positioned neatly and evenly to accurately reflect the integrity of a real LEGO.  

Then I remembered the first-born team that I was working with.

And walked out to find them using a little cardboard spacer that Anthony had made.

They glued the wood discs on with Titebond wood glue. I'd put their accuracy up against any machine.

Next was the gray primer.

And the final coats of paint in the basement.

So that the pieces actually had a chance against the humidity.

Sherri and Jimmy hung the pieces while we were at an intense baseball game in Jackson, MN.  

For the headboard, they mounted it to the wall with screws and we painted over the screw heads.

For the cornice, the sides were attached and also hung using corner brackets.

It was a joyous sight to behold when we walked in and saw them on the walls.

And I may have lusted with drool.


Wood Discs: Woodworks Ltd
Blue Curtains: Target

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  1. This is exactly what i need, what size where the wooden discs that you used?

    1. Great! This was the size I used: 2-3/8" wide x 2-3/8" tall x 1/4" thick

      Here is the link: http://www.craftparts.com/238-wood-circle-disc-p-1219.html?cat_id=461

  2. Wow! You rock and your talents are both AH-mazing and inspirational!! Thanks!

    1. Wow. Thanks so much!! You totally made my day.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Heidi! This is amazing!

    Your approach is just what I was looking for when I set out to make a similar thing for my son this summer. You inspired me, and I finished it today. I'm from Canada, and I ordered the same discs from woodparts.ca
    I posted some pictures of my single bed creation at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mteskey/sets/72157635260267767/

    Great work, and thanks again for the inspiration!

    1. Matt! Well done! You did a really great job. And I'm so impressed with the bed frame. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and your kind words. You pump me up!

  4. Awesome! Even grown-ups can have these Lego-inspired headboards and cornices in their room, right? I suddenly felt nostalgic by looking at these. Childhood memories. :') This is certainly a very creative way to keep this toy alive.

    1. Thanks Tiffany! And absolutely this can be translated to adult. Honestly, I wanted to move in myself...and play legos all day.

  5. Can you tell me a little more about the plywood you used? Thickness and type? Thank you! We love it!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! We made the wood decisions when we were in the hardware store, so I don't remember exactly, but we're pretty sure it is 1/4 inch pine plywood for the headboard and then an edge glued pine board for the cornice. If we were going to do it over again, we would have chosen a little thicker plywood for the headboard because now it is warping slightly (which could also be fixed with better edge mounts). Also, we've been using birch plywood for recent projects and it paints so much nicer without as much grain showing, so that is something to consider too. Let me know how it goes!