Monday, June 24, 2013

Training with Isaac

Isaac and I don't get to see each other as often anymore. He's busy walking, getting ready for a daycare school next fall and taking those baby survival swimming lessons.

Yep, those lessons.  The ones where they simulate falling into the pool fully clothed and teach babies how to flip over onto their backs so they can breathe.

He's quite adapt.  And still pissed at me for taking pictures during one of his lessons instead of jumping in to help him out.

We reconnected recently to hash out some details for his 1st birthday party, that was last Friday.  He requested my assistance in making train party invites and a train smash cake.

I was honored.

It sounds random, but I have a train cake pan.  And about 30 other Wilton cake pans, courtesy of my mother-in-law who had her own cake business when Mr. Anthony was a chap.

Santa, Alf, Holly Hobby. I've got the gamut.

So, the train pan worked like a train wreck.  At least for the side that stuck in the pan because I didn't use 'solid vegetable shortening' to grease it like the Wilton instructions said.  Lesson learned. Nothing extra blobs of frosting didn't fix. Is that the key to decorating?

I've got to hand it to Wilton.  They have all of their shaped pan instructions posted online and even offer different decorating tutorial options for each one.  Knowing that my design options are limitless makes me feel less like a hoarder for having so many.  

My decorating tackle (prepared frosting, colored fondant, cake board) came from ABC Cake Decorating Supplies, another Phoenix wonder shop.

The attached Isaac photos, not edible, glossy prints from Walgreens.

Isaac was delighted.

And displayed incredible 1-year-old generosity, by sharing his cake with all of his friends.

Tiny hands from all directions.
Frosting oozing out of knuckles.
Double fisting cake.
Heidi 1983's fat kid heaven come to life at Isaac's 1st birthday party.

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