Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Dogfather

Since Father's Day is coming up this weekend, Roldy and I thought it would be nice to get Anthony a Dogfather's gift.

So I printed up a snap from Easter...

But cropped Isaac out. 

He's had it up at work for one day and someone has already asked concernedly why he has a picture up of a dog fight.

Its funny for us because we know Roldy is a super cuddler and was playing.  They were both playing. And two seconds later it turned a corner when Odie started humping Roldy.
Because Odie always takes it there.
Because Roldy oozes sex appeal.

But seriously, he's been poked in the eye and punched by babies and didn't even flinch. And was in relaxed heaven when our nephew, Nick, held him like a baby and rubbed his stomach.

He's a lover. A true gentle soul. And is delicately holding onto our hearts in those monstrous teeth.

Which just makes it all the more amusing for us. So much so, that I got another copy that is now displayed in the kitchen.

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