Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let There Be Light

Last time you hung out on the patio it had just been rugged.

Last weekend, it got illuminated.
With sensual mood lighting.
From my new candle chandelier.

It was a $37 purchase from Amazing Treasures, an antique shop in the Melrose District of Phoenix.  

And the credit for the find goes to my sister, Holli.  While she held it up excitedly and proclaimed the price, I plastered on one of those jealous sister smiles. You know the smile I'm talking about, the one that says, Yay! Yay for you for finding a delightful treasure for such a bargain price! I'm sure I would have found it too like 30 seconds after you, and got it for myself, but no biggie. I seem happy for you, right? Yay for you!  Luckily her next proclamation was that I should get it for my house.  Thank you sweet Jesus.

Anthony bought a heavy duty hook to hang it.

Found a stud located right where I wanted it to hang.

Used a nail to find the center of the stud before drilling.

Attached the base of the hook.

And I slid and twisted the hook on.  Obviously the exhausting part.

With the new accent lighting and the rearranged chair layout, the patio is starting to feel much more homey.

And while I wasn't completely in love with the flameless candles I ordered for the chandelier, they were one of the few options that I knew wouldn't leave waxy carnage all over the patio compliments of the Arizona sun.

But then that night, laying on the patio couch with a cocktail, I embraced them - the candles - and knew that they just needed to be enjoyed from the right perspective.

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