Monday, September 29, 2014

Lincoln Nursery: Grandma's Quilt

Before I knew if I was having a Lincoln or a Sophia or a Mortimer or a Bernice, I knew that the heart of the nursery would be my grandma's red quilt top.
My grandma, so Lincoln's great grandma. This quilt top has seen some days. And it may or may not contain scraps of my grandpa's pajamas or a housecoat remnant from a woman at church, because that's how my grandma did it.
Made with love and thought and using every scrap.

The quilt face needed some seams reinforced. And it was evident that some of the fabrics were wearing thin.
Because someone had likely worn them thin as clothing. Pajama pants. Grandpa Peter. Maybe.
I chose a soft minky fabric for the quilt back and did straight line quilting to strengthen the integrity of the quilt. Stitching the ditch was a consideration, but the corners didn't match up so a "straight" line outline 1/4 inch on both sides of each square was the smoothest transition.

The binding: turquoise dots.


That's how I remember my Grandma. Those are the memories I want Lincoln snuggled up in on a cold night.

The fact that those gentle memories got to come in a collage of rad boisterous patterns? Priceless and Perfect.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Lincoln Bedroom

Meet Lincoln. Our baby schatze.

He's almost 3 months now and, yes, I have been greedy in not sharing him with you. I've been busy.
Kissing cheeks
Rocking to sleep
Sitting and staring
Cheering for poop
And burps
Chasing smiles
Stifling worry
Embracing deliriousness
Filing away the sweet smell of baby
Being grateful. We're beyond grateful.
Lincoln is not greedy though. He said I can share his bedroom with you.
For now, just the sights.


The details about his sensory board, the quilt his great grandma made, custom shelves, club rocking chair and personalized room d├ęcor...those will come later.

And updates from Lincoln, they will continue later too.

Right now? Snuggle-thirty.

...beyond grateful.

:photos by Patchwork Photography