Thursday, June 27, 2013

Studio Organization: Fabric & Tools Closet

Organization isn't easy for people with a hoarding inclination.  More specifically, not easy for me and my fabric stash.  But with a closet containing built in shelving and a few new storage accessories, my sewing stash went from shit storm to serene breeze.

In the past, material that wasn't piled around the room waiting for it's project number to be called, was stored in two big bins from Walmart.

and Forgotten.

Not in the new house.  Not in the studio.  Fabric here has a new life, complements of the Bed Bath & Beyond Swing-Arm Slack Hanger.

Arranged so it can be seen, easily accessed and stays pressed.

While the sleek hangers keep the larger pieces organized, I reverted back to a smaller Walmart bin for the more scant fabric scraps.

And that bin didn't get to where it is without a significant purge of three inch or less remnants that I knew I would lose and never use. 
{Hoarder shivers.} 
Letting go is hard.

Also getting assist points for organization are the Iris Storage Boxes (also available at JoAnns).  

Tall enough for serger thread
And a pleasing way to store ribbon

By removing the wheels and stacking the Sterilite Drawer Storage Units that I've had for years, my sequins, patterns, zippers and other tailoring accoutrements finally live together in one happy high rise of stitching debauchery.

The closet doors will stay off for now while I consider a curtain alternative to keep access uninhibited.

 Because while some things in this studio should embrace some inhibitions, the closet isn't one of them.

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