Monday, January 30, 2012

DIViji: Banister Update

I've gone ahead and called the caterer.  Told her to cancel the chicken satay, the tiny cheesecakes, and the ice sculpture in the shape of a weeping cherub playing the violin.  Because, tonight's tentaviely scheduled pity party is canceled!  Yes, the railings at Viji's are done.  Painted, waxed, buffed. Done.

Thank you for all your support through this project.  I really do appreciate it and felt every spray of love floating my way.

The wax on, wax off messages were a treat.  (I need more Mr. Miyagi in my life.)

The facebook shout-outs gave me the motivation to get up the next morning.

The "I Love You" brought with it a big bag of ambition. Oh, and I love you too Mom.

And finally, yes dear friend, I would rather have those parts of me waxed publicly than have to start this project again.  Thanks for giving me a tough one to contemplate for about ten spindles.

There were 148 white spindles and 6 brown end segments.

Do you understand now how I thought that we could knock this out in a day?  Yeah, me either.

What matters most is that Viji thinks they look great.  And I can't disagree.  For sure a more vibrant accent and pop than the light wood banisters before.  This banister makes a statement, and it says "Yeah, I like to drink and paint. So what?"  OK, maybe the banister doesn't get to talk anymore. Never mind.

So thank you again.  I can't tell you how happy I am to give this one the done stamp.

I am slightly disappointed about the pity party cancellation though.  You would have loved to see the ice sculpture.  You pour the vodka into the top of his violin and then it shoots down all chillified and comes sobbing out of his little eyes, then rolls down his cheeks right into your awaiting highball.  Maybe next time.

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