Thursday, July 26, 2012

LEGO Vaughn: The Mural

I never thought that I'd spend so much time staring at a wall.  

With my face only three inches away from it.  And the subtle acrylic paint pigment aroma waltzing into my lungs with every inhale.

And I never thought that I'd enjoy it.    

But, I did.  My mental health barometer most assuredly moved from content towards bliss.

Fulfillment during the journey?  That's a sign.

Like the headboard, the mural project was born from Vaughn's vision.

A vision of a LEGO guy crashing through his wall.

When I sent him some drafts I included one with LEGO Batman and another with a Star Wars light saber fight.  He was so logical in his selection process.

Um, I just want the regular LEGO guy, because I feel like I might outgrow Batman and Star Wars.

Vaughn was so helpful in the painting process too.  But, as the opportunities dwindled down to detail work I tried to think of other contributions he could make.

Um, Vaughn, how about you go check on Anthony and see if he needs your help painting the headboard?

No, that's OK.  I'm really more of a decorative painter.

When the end of LEGO week fell into our lap, everyone that could paint a straight line was helping.  I turned it into a paint by number.

R = red
LR = light red
DR = dark red

And I premixed all the colors and labeled them.

And prayed quietly at bedtime that tiny bearded paint gnomes would come out of the wall sockets and finish the red LEGOs per my labels.  Because the red took about 8 coats.

The last night at about 5 PM, 11 hours before our 4 AM quitting time, Vaughn told us that it looked perfect.

That's better than I ever imagined.  You guys have been working really hard and should take a break.  I mean it.  
So, will you come play XBox with me?

I love him.  And pretty much every word that comes out of his mouth.

Here is a recap of the photos I posted on my facebook page.

Need your a mural on your wall? let me know!

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  1. Wow! I am just blown away, really! We are building a custom lego table built into a 5' x 4' nook in my 6 year old boys' (irish twins) room and I began to think about wall art. A google or two later, and I sit in amazement. I would love to have your talent...paint by number would be a challenge for me. I really enjoyed Vaughn's made me smile. Sounds's like Vaughn is a treasure.
    Mommy of six

    1. That is so sweet! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Good luck with the lego table and yes, Vaughn is for sure a treasure. :)

  2. How did you get the image on the wall?