Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jump (For Batgirl's Love)

Last Thursday was my own personal version of the Oscars.  Not the winning awards part.  Before that. The red carpet.  In this Oscar chronicle, I was the designer sitting at home having an anxiety attack over seeing Carissa rock my garment on the red carpet.

The night before, I was a bundle of restlessness in bed.  Awake hoping that the neck hole in my cape (capes are the new black) wasn't too constricting. Then fearing it was too gapey and would hang off her back. Comfy bed, warmth of Mr. Schatze slumbering close by, a belly full of Nighty Night tea...that I just wanted to throw up all over myself analyzing every stitch, pleat placement, Carissa's accessories and her comfort.

When her text came in at 5:03 AM Arizona time, I still had at least 3 hours of sleep in me making up for what I lost in irrational worry.

Carissa: I have never been so excited to go to work in my nine years of teaching!

I saw it once I finally woke up. And then I saw her radiant smile on Facebook.  And then I turned off my distress and became very excited.

Carissa promised her students that if they saved over 100 lives for the American Heart Association during the jump rope for heart event 'Jumping To Be a Heart Hero' that she would dress up as a super hero. 

They did it.

And I was honored when she called to give me the exclusive on her female super hero design.

Carissa chose a classy, elementary school appropriate Batgirl.

And upon receiving her measurements, construction began.

Cape pleats got pinned.

Eye holes got snipped out of masks.

Goodwill boots got spray painted.

Bat logos got jig sawed.

And the finishing baubles all fell into place.

 Carissa was exquisite.  Is exquisite.  A hero to the core.

If adolescent chubby-cheeked me would have been in class that day, I would have been glued to the floor in a pool of shock and delight.  I would have dreamed about growing up to be confident and enthusiastic - and able to wear super hero costumes around town - all just like Mrs. Carissa.  Anxious to see what surprises were in store for me at school the rest of the year.  And I would have felt proud about actually saving lives with the money I raised and my jumping.  Believing that I did a good thing and because of it people are going to live. And I would believe it in my heart because Batgirl told me so and Batgirl doesn't lie.

And then I would rush home and make Mrs. Carissa an Oscar award for Awesome.

...with the Pointer Sister playing in the background.

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