Monday, June 10, 2013

Shoulda, Coulda, Wood-Ahh

There are spaces in this world that foster my imagination, interjecting the peace and comfort needed to focus and make me feel like a creative czar.

My craft room = not one of those place.

Tangent:  Sometimes the term 'craft room' makes me feel kitschy, like it implies the room belongs to a woman over 80 who wears all polyester and does needle point hand towels adorned with cats.

Please don't picture me in polyester. Its not flattering. 

It is technically where I practice all my crafts, whatever they might be at the moment, so unless you can recommend a better label, I'll default to 'craft room'.

Step one of craft room overhaul is getting rid of the carpet.  

Carpet is a nightmare for someone who sews often.  You don't want to pull sequins and fabric fuzzies and thread (and cat hairballs if you fit the stereotype) out of your floor after every project.  

I wanted wood laminate. 

And Anthony wanted a table saw. Project plan made in heaven.

The winning wood: Lapacho on sale for $1.29 a square foot.

  Add in a sound proofing pad and taxes and the total came to $404.08.

And it couldn't have been easier to put in.  Perhaps because Anthony did the spacing, measuring, marking and snapping.  

Which means that I took the plank-of-the-minute down to the table saw in the garage, cut it directly along the pencil line, blew off the dust, then raced it back up our 16 stairs like I was in the final leg of the Amazing Race. 

The sweaty stair bursts made me feel like my contribution was somehow more meritorious.

Ahh. Wood.

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