Thursday, June 20, 2013

Handwriting Tea Towels

Have you seen the popular Pinterest pin about turning old recipes into tea towels?

You should do it. Emma has good instructions on the Spoonflower site.

I made some for my sisters and my mom last Christmas, and ended up sending one to my aunts and cousins too.  

There is so much energy in handwriting. Sewing and pinning, I couldn't stop thinking about the women they were and what I learned from them and if my Grandma W really is one of my sewing angels and if Grandma H actually offered the women at Ladies Aid a 'society chip' or if she just said 'Don't forget to grab a pickle Loretta.'

The recipes needed some touch up in Photoshop, but not much more than desaturation and some work on the levels.  I take that back.  I had to fix some of the smeared letters on the right side of the fritters recipe. 

My point is, don't give up just because the recipe card is rough.

One yard gave me four tea towels.  

Unlike the tutorial, I didn't do a colored border around the edges.  Which meant that I didn't give enough consideration to the seam allowance to fold over the edges.  Learn from me, leave about 2 inches in between.  I ended up sewing right up to some letters because it was tight.

Cutting is a breeze with a rotary cutter.

I put twill tape on the upper left edges.

One of my cousins framed the towel. And I actually use mine as towels. Because I am adamant about using the things that bring me joy instead of keeping them in a drawer or cupboard. 

Especially when replacement just means clicking the 'reorder' button.

But don't get me wrong.  I do take care of them.

Because they have to be in good shape for when my tea towel fantasy plays out.

Its the one where it isn't 100 degrees like today.
And my sisters are magically transported 1500 miles into my backyard.
And we imbibe out of Grandma W's iridescent glasses.
And I get to listen to them tell all the best grandma stories because they are older spent more time with them.
And while I reach for my third cookie, Grandma H whispers in my ear, haven't you had enough?, but I just smile and whisper back, We have Spanx now grandma and they are glorious. Eat a fritter.

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  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Thank you so much for this precious gift. I would love to use them every day but with 3 boys and the hubs, they would be trashed before I could say, "It's time for lunch!"

    And as an aside, I don't think Grandma's glasses and vodka have ever been on the same tray, I think that's what the "tooth pick holders" were for! ;-)