Monday, August 20, 2012

heidi in Seattle: Shop

First off, I'm not really a shopper. More of a gawker.

I love visiting creative stores to marvel in their genius and to try and retain some of their ideas that I can work into my own life.

That said, things would change if I were to hit the lottery.  So don't hold me to anything.

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One room, mostly toys.  I thought we were going to breeze in and out of this shop pretty quick. I didn't anticipate wanting to make sure I saw everything.  And didn't think that I would ever lust for stuffed animals again.  But now I do.

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Illuminated globes, travel journals, topographic art. I felt like I was walking into my sister Sherri's Maps board on Pinterest.  And I wish I knew someone with a monster map so I could check it out in more detail.

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Watson Kennedy wasn't even on my map.  Just stopped in after visiting {far 4} next door.  I'm not a thief, but a part of me wanted to sweep into my purse the entire red and white tablescape on display by the entrance and run like hell.  Every last domino.

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Oh, and should the black striped glitter candles that Jill made for our Wicked party ever croak, then I will by their less blingy version.

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More of a gallery than a store.  I almost dropped $27 on a sculpture there until Anthony reminded me that I would be carrying it around for the next 5 hours.  It was heavy.  That isn't it below, but who doesn't love a siren?

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A gift store.  The kind of gift store that sells Go the F*ck to Sleep.  I could have done all my Christmas shopping there.  But didn't of course, because I procrastinate.  They even have a store in the airport now.

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Lifelong AIDS Alliance Thrift Store

photo from google street view

Thrifting floats my boat, especially in places away from home.  People's trash in Seattle could be a steal in Phoenix.  And sometimes I get emotionally attached to items just because I want to be friends with the previous owner.  Like the posh soul that carried around this quote adhered johansen purse. I wish I knew what that quote was from.

 Retrofit Home
photo from Retofit Home facebook

The reupholstered furniture is the coolest.  And it is just down the street from Cupcake Royale, so you can pull a, "Oh, crazy! Cupcake Royale is right there...I had no idea. Let's grab one quick."

photo from Retofit Home facebook

And, because you can't cram everything into one trip, here are the stores on my list that I didn't make it to but are still on my map for a visit:

Archie McPhee
The ReStore
LUCCA great finds
Red Light vintage
Honeychurch Antiques

OK.  Full disclosure.  I didn't go home empty handed.

I stopped in the Macy's downtown while Anthony and Jesse were gaming and got a new big-ass hat and a red scarf.  Giant lids don't go on clearance for $17 in Arizona so I couldn't resist. And yes, it counted as my personal item on the plane and I carried it on my lap.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

heidi in Seattle: Sights

The weather in Seattle was perfect for renting a yacht and leisurely cruising the bay and sound whilst sipping champagne.  

I hope that someone managed to do that, because we didn't. 

We stuck to predictable and nerdy.

I'm always hesitant to drop cash just to go to the top of a high building. To see things all tiny and worry about falling over the edge.  In this case, it was magical watching the sun go down behind the mountains.  Reflecting off the water.  Oh, and you know that cheesy photo that they make you take in front of the green screen before you go up?  Yeah, they email it to you for free.  Well played Needle.

All the rumors I had heard about Pike Place Market?  All true.  Flying fish, smells that make your stomach dance, smells that make you sniff your pitts to make sure that it isn't you, $15 gigantic flower bouquets.  An extreme adventure for the senses.  My sister, Lorri, bought fresh flowers for her hotel room when she was there.  I want to be like her someday.

Ducks of Seattle

Anthony might tell you that there is no more obnoxious way to see Seattle than by the Duck boats.  I will tell you that it is worth every penny for the $2 duck bill quacker.  They are full of information, fun for all ages, and for a few bucks you can float a stones throw away from fancy schooners and pretend that you are in one of your own.  Until someone quacks in your ear.

We let our nerd flags fly on a segway tour.  I don't even remember much of the tour info -- I was in it for the ride.  Breezing by city landmarks.  Maintaining perfect segway form.  You know, shoulders down, weight even, butt out.  I'd do it in every city.

The blue trees, boba tea and my aching calves lured me in to Westlake Park for a sitsy.  What made me stay  for a few extra minutes was Anthony, "I like the statues, because no one ever has to sit on the bench alone."

Right next to the needle.  Go at night.  Drool a little.  Pick out which of the $7,000 bowls in the gift shop you would buy if you had $7,000 to spend on a bowl. 

Live Music

Your vacation moves to the next level when there is a constant soundtrack drumming on each block of your adventure.  The Downtown Seattle website even has a map to plan out your live music stops.

We made a trip to Seattle University to see my new girl crush, Sammy D, rehearse on the cello with her string trio.  No big deal.  Just three amazing musicians (One who played with Yo-Yo Ma and opened for Weezer) owning a few movements while a giant Chihuly hangs in their background.  I felt like I wasn't cool enough to sit there on the carpet and watch.

EMP (Experience Music Project)

The Kurt Cobain melodies took me back to 10th grade.  And the Jimi Hendrix guitars took me back to Woodstock.  Grainy Woodstock footage on cable that is.  Currently there are amazing Sci-Fi, Avatar and Horror movie exhibits too.  And they will also email you your horror movie scream photo for free.  We were the villains, not the victims.  Can you tell?

The SAM.  A great way to spend a rainy afternoon.  Or waste a sunny one.  It made me miss my mom.  Because that bottom sculpture would be her worst nightmare.

Seattle Gum Wall

 No, I did not contribute.  And was pretty repulsed by it until I saw Mario.

Seacrest Park

Sammy D and Jesse drove us to Seacrest Park in West Seattle on our last night.  Beautiful.  I'm sure Ryan is very proud of it.

I've added all these stops to my Seattle map as well.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

heidi in Seattle: Savor

I apologize for being out of touch.

We've been in Seattle visiting a friend. And gaining weight. And making new friends. And pretending to be disinterested when walking past the Escala, knowing full well that Christian Grey's literary penthouse (and playroom) sit seductively up top.

But we are totally bringing you along now. Here is a guide to some of our food adventures:

Anthony appreciated Fonté's Guatemalan French press coffee so much that he drank it without cream.  That's a big deal for him.  And then he bought a bag of whole bean to take home for $20.  That's an even bigger deal.  It really is some serious java. And worked well with the small cheese plate.  But really, in my world everything works well with cheese.

Ivar's Acres of Clams

photo from Ivar'
We ate at the Ivar's on Pier 54 and the view overlooking the water was so beautiful that I forgot to take a picture of it.  Sort of like the Chowder Sampler that I ordered.  Yep, mooed it down without a thought.


Oprah has hailed Beecher's "World Famous" Mac & Cheese as the best ever.  She's wrong.  And I think that is only because Oprah hasn't had my friend Leah serve her Ina Garten's recipe. It is still worth a visit to watch them make the cheese curd.  Oh, and sample different cheeses at the counter. Fresh free cheese = winning.

Turkish Delight

I needed to eat some turkish delight to wrap up my 5th grade The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe experience. Talking lions, secret passageways and the White Witch were all things that made sense to me then.  But not turkish delight.  I honestly thought that it was turkey jerky coated in brown sugar.  Way off.  Try the rose flavor, because supposedly it is the most authentic.  And go in with room for a kebab so you can tell me if they are as mouthwatering as they smelled.  Oh, and next time you see Anthony, ask him for his explanation of a turkish delight...and be prepared for the worst.

Cupcake Royale

Support Frostitution.  I went with the 'Royale with Cheese' shown above.  Its probably best that there are 1,400 miles between me and these little bastards.  We stopped at the new one in Capitol Hill.

Oh La La La Crêperie.  I tried the number 2. and the number 5. with an egg.  Both savory.  I think my head is going to explode when I try one of the sweet options...along with my pant seams.


Normally we don't begin breakfast with an appetizer of mini doughnuts. But now, it will be my new normal at Lola.  For every meal.  Vanilla mascarpone, homemade jam and fresh mini doughnuts. Also, I'd kick a cactus right now for more of their house cured salmon.

Serious is the appropriate word.  My soft egg pizza told me to 'STFU' and then earnestly showed me who was boss.  She was.  And then her buddy Limoncello Cooler kicked me while I was down.  Serious Pie is a Tom Douglas restaurant, just like Lola.  I should have known.

$6.88 - The price of every pizza regardless of your topping spree.  And they have pineapple, my favorite.  And they are right next door to the Space Needle.  And right next door to a restaurant that uses 'bacon jam'.  It was a tough choice for Anthony that night.

Pike Place Bakery

An apple cup. Of course.  Because I get pissed when I fantasize about an apple fritter and it ends up being dried out with no soft apple goodness.  Problem solved.  I kind of felt sorry for the full tray of fritters just down the row.

I'll fill you in on the sights and shopping soon.

Oh, and here's my heidi in Seattle map in case you will be visiting soon.  Because I'd hate for you to make any poor decisions, like the McDonald's next to the Needle.

View heidi in Seattle in a larger map

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Isaac's Crib: Finishing Touches

My wait is over. 

The finishing details have been added to Isaac's Crib.

Feature number one:

The Isaac

I took that photo at the hospital when he was hours old, before I had to rush away to the airport.  I barely had any time to fill him in on current affairs or start going over Newton's laws.  Plus, I wasted the first few minutes sobbing in his little face because I was so relieved that he and his mom were healthy and that he heard my belly appeals,

"Isaac, listen.  Enter the world before my flight leaves and I will slip you a Lincoln every Tuesday to spend at your poker games. Don't tell your mom."

Feature number two:

The birth info in his empty frame.

He brought his parents over recently for some new pictures in the park by our house, and I added the graphics from his baby shower theme onto the image to show his stats.

I love the random family photo he picked out.

He is the whole package.

and Fun.

Now the room waits.

Waits for him to grow and explore so that they can each have their turn to step up.

The toys wait patiently in the frog bin for their first rousing lesson on force and velocity during games of "Newton's Second law."

The red dog butt hook waits, but wills too.  Wills Isaac to quickly grow tall enough to reach up, hang on him and free him from his drywall prison so he can run around the room on his own accord.  

Don't crush his dreams, but the anchor holding him in said he would die before letting go.  Sorry red dog butt.

The turtle waits for the day that he gets drug around the house.  And the day (please sweet baby turtle Jesus) that he gets thrown in the pool.  

The closet mirror waits for those sticky little hand prints to start working their way up her shine.  She used to take pride in her immaculate reflection, but now she wants the hugs.

The more finger prints left, the better.

At least the orange rug hasn't had to wait.  Isaac is already snuggling up on him while he reads.  

Reading is part of his routine after bathies and before online poker.

And now you wait.  Wait for him to start as a guest blogger.

Once classes start at ASU, he and I get to hang out on Tuesday's while his mom teaches.  He already told me that he wants his own column.

And 50% of any earnings from the Google ads.

I told him to bugger off.  That $1.18 a month is mine.