Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Girl You Look Good When You Back That Glass Up

Yesterday was my birthday. What? Bless you for saying 26, but it is 32. It must be my new moisturizer.

I decided to treat myself to a session at As You Wish (the pottery painting place) to celebrate because there was a one day half-off deal in Phoenix.

The deal was for fused glass.

I had no idea they did glass.

I was excited in a this is fantastic but I could seriously slit my wrists if I'm not careful kind of way.

photos from As You Wish

They had gloves and goggles and a safety speech so I didn't have anything to worry about once I got started.

I still managed to cut the end of my finger though. I shoved it back into the thick rubbery glove quick so no one would notice. You know, so the blood could pool in the glove fingertip. Don't run to me in an emergency.

I made the square above to match some flecked mouth blown glasses that I have. They are going to melt it a second time to turn it into a bowl. I'm kind of hoping for a glass miracle when it is done on Saturday. I will keep you posted.

With my leftover glass shards I tried my hand at some pendants.

Why yes, that is a face pendant with doubled red glass for lip injections. Thank you for noticing.

Even without knowing how my items turned out, I really want to go back again. Too many fun ideas, so much shininess, and not enough time.

I should have gotten Charlotte's number. She was there painting a clay mermaid for her bedroom. Her favorite color is orange, but she felt like she needed to work in mostly green and blues to keep it realistic and use the orange as an accent.

There was a real chance we could have worked as BFFs. As I shoved my credit card into its worn slot and was turning to leave she looked at her paint job and let out a big sigh that transitioned seamlessly into a lip quiver, " just...I looks so messy." Quiver transitions into tears.

I felt her pain deep in my heart. The uncertainty and chancy permanence of the pottery place. I said a little prayer that she could learn now, at 8, to have faith in the process and her skills. Faith, so that when she's 32 that pottery trepidation doesn't send her swirling into a second birthday cupcake to comfort her fears.

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