Thursday, February 2, 2012

Giveaway: My heart

Last summer I went to see NKOTBSB in concert.  The giddy-inner-10-year-old-Jonathan-Knight-loving Heidi was screaming and crying, only consoled by the inner-19-year-old-Nick-Carter-obsessing Heidi who wasn't doing a very good job of helping the real 31-year-old Heidi keep her shit together.

I guess I had/have a mild obsession with boy bands. Don't worry, I'll grow out of it.

Since those boy band juices still run through me, I recently embraced my urge to make some New Kids On The Block serving pieces in time for Valentine's Day.  Before we progress, let me get you in the mood for this. Watch this New Kids On The Block video and make sure you have the volume cranked. Even better if you are at work, it will just make your awesome shine through even harder.


With the sweet prepubescent squeal of Joey McIntyre running through my brain stereo, begging me please not to go, I made three NKOTB cake stands.

I'm still pretty ecstatic about hangin' tough and finishing the railings at Viji's.  Seriously happy.  So happy, that I am giving away my heart. 

One of my hearts.

My 'Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time Smokey Pink Heart Cake Stand.'

So let me give this to you step by step.

Step 1. Sign up to follow my blog and/or sign up for the email subscription. One entry for each.

Step 2. Leave a comment letting me know who you want to receive an NKOTB cake stand this Valentine's Day and why. It can be for you too. I will choose randomly, so don't worry about making the best story.  Leave your contact info in the comment so I can be in touch if you win. You can do two different entries if you signed up for both, or just comment that you want your crazy aunt/grandma/brother/etc. to have a second shot. If you're already signed up then just leave your comments.

Step 3. Giveway ends next Monday, Feb. 6th at midnight MST.

Step 4. I will email the winner for the address and get it in the mail in time for a special Valentine's Day surprise.

Step 5. "Don't you know that the time has arrived?" Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I put the Jordan Knight - Step 3 cake stand in my Etsy shop.

And was planning on putting the Right Stuff Heart on Etsy too, but it got snatched up before I even finished it. That has never happened before. It felt good.

Go on now. Send someone a Valentine.

And give yourself an early Valentine by watching these videos:

Step By Step
The Right Stuff
Please Don't Go Girl

That's all for la la la la la la tonight.


  1. I signed up for your e-mails and I follow you. Contact info is

    I want the plate for me because it was made by you and it's better than anything I can find in the store. :-)

  2. Hi Heidi, First I must say again you are awesome!
    I hope I win because I too was a NKOTB fan, (Donnie was my favorite, what can I say, that was the rebel in me.)
    Thanks, Nicole Van Westen

    I get you e-mails.

  3. Are you freaking kidding me? NKOTB forever! I think either Helmet or I should have this as our obsession for New Kids was and still is a little ridiculous. I even had their sleeping bag. And of course the giant buttons to wear on my jean jacket. Stephani, Kim, and I once called a 1-900 number thinking we were leaving the actual New Kids a message, not realizing it cost money. Boy was Barb pissed when she got that bill!


  4. Thanks for entering ladies! Congrats Joni!