Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valiumtine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

It is a big Valentine's Day in Arizona.  AZ celebrates 100 years of statehood today.  Apparently that means that our climate gets to take a day off and we are stuck with clouds, cold and drips.  It fits in well with the plans for take-out and movie watching at home with Mr. Schatze, so I won't complain.  

I hope it is a whimsical day for Joni, who won my NKOTB heart stand giveaway.  I'm going to fantasize that she is eating off of it for every meal today.  Cereal, juju hearts, the kid's leftover hot dogs--whatever trips her fancy.

Consolation prizes went out to the other giveaway entrants.  They each got a pack of NKOTB Valentine's to share with their friends and loved ones.

It made me so happy that people entered. So, so happy.

I failed to get anything in the mail for my family this year, so I hope that my sisters will accept these virtual sentiments that reflect my love for them.

I hope they can pick out which one is for whom.

Enjoy the day of love my friends.


  1. Well, it just so happens I got a super awesome package in the mail yesterday that took me approximately 23 minutes to tear off the tape and bubble wrap. I had a fear of tearing too hard and watching the precious stand fly through the air in slow motion and hitting my tile floor. Nothing has survived my tile. But thankfully that didn't happen, but I did get quite the work out opening it! It's displayed perfectly next to the flowers and chocolate my husband gave me. :-)

  2. P.S. THANK YOU! I'd take a gorgeous picture of it, but when I turned on my camera today I realized that the screen was smashed. Bummer. But the happy news is that I can now convince my husband into buying me a new one!