Friday, March 2, 2012

DIViji: Ba, Ba, Ba, Bird, Bird, Bird.

We haven't visited Viji's since January. It isn't because I haven't been working on things for her, it is because I was busy carousing with two of my sisters in San Antonio. Err...I mean, remembering the Alamo? Too late, the truth is out, definitely carousing.

In between the Texas tacos (puffy), house guests, and the ceaseless festivities of February, we did finish up the artwork for the nook in Vji's landing.

We made it from scratch. Sized everything out--Mr. Schatze cut the wood segments perfectly (while wearing ear protection, safety glasses and likely a mask for debris) and I primed and painted.

I feel horrible though, because here is where I would insert the link to the original design that we copied, but I can't find it anywhere. I bookmark everything, but apparently that extra click for this would have just been too exhausting. I think that it was a ready to purchase online item that came in black, was smaller, and had the exact same bird design. If I can find it again I will share it.

They got three coats of red enamel paint. I used chalk to draw out the design and then paint, paint, painted on the white.

The white paint was a more robust acrylic, so you can see the distinction of the paint strokes up close. I didn't want it to be too flat and look printed. And let's be real, I wanted some meat on the bird bones. 

Plumpish birds remind me of my feathered friends that frequent the patios of our local Mexican restaurants, waiting patiently for a corn chip to plummet. They don't even need to break them down, just fly away--their beak muscles trembling from shouldering the weight of a fried treat the size of their wings. I like to think that after happy hour they head to the fro-yo place for waffle cone crumbles.

Mr. Schatze made hangers and helped me adhere them to the back with wood glue.

This was the nook before.

Before the house had seen any action at all.

Before I had clung to that very railing you see while ugly sobbing about how I was going to die before the banisters were finished being painted. "This will be my Crazy Horse!"

And after paint.

It is hard to see, but the brown in the nook is one shade darker than what is on the walls.

And with the silhouette art.

Viji's accent spotlight adds a nice touch. Sometimes I forget that the shadows from a piece of art can be just as influential in showing strength and dimension as the work itself. 

Sort of like the Cointreau in my Blood Orange Margarita from the Iron Cactus in San Antonio. Now, if I were a patio bird, that would be an artistic elixir that I would come take a bath in every day. Every. Day.

Have you heard? Bird is the word.

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  1. Finally get to read this, even though I am seeing this art everyday for weeks are amazing Heidi!