Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flashback: Get a Clue...Board Game

A few ticks ago, my friend Rose turned 30. And what better way to celebrate 30 than with a funeral party and a custom Clue board game to think about all the possible ways that you might meet your demise.  

The party planning committee got together and started talking murder. We got rid of that grump Col Mustard, and that trollop, Ms. Scarlet, and replaced them with little hand painted action heroes of ourselves.   

We printed motives of why we might kill Rose and stuck them over the existing cards. Just jokes people, not for real. Take it easy.

Even covered all the generic card backs with something more Rose-centric.

 The standby murder weapons became more personalized to Rose's fears.

I think that the murder weapons in Heidi Clue would be:

cold shower
cupcake overdose
spray paint can
and Adrian, MN

We had to rename the rooms to match our own living locations, so there was a Schatze house, Rose's house, Germany (for our friend Adam that lived there), etc. You get the idea.

Yep, you do see a swimming pool in the center of the new Clue board. It is like Parker Brothers just decided to spit upon the classic masterpiece that was Clue. Where has the gentility gone, I ask?

We took the liberty of updating the outside of the box too. To include cheesy photos of us carousing in a game session.

And when that game inevitably took a turn for the worse, like they always do, we added those photos onto the inside of the box.  You bet your ass those are new custom score sheets. 

 Hours and hours of your friends killing you over and over.  Priceless.

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