Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Mash Up 2012

Here is my pick for Best Dressed from the Oscars last night:

Jessica Chastain from The Help in Alexander McQueen.

So regal and beautiful. She walked away and I was begging to see more. The embroidery and gathering are impeccable and I can't imagine the amount of time that went into making this masterpiece, let alone the time that went into making it look so flawless on her.

I know, I know. Not red and no sequins. Shocking.

That was my favorite overall look.

Here is my Oscar Mash Up 2012 -- my favorite components mashed together for one look.

The plunging neckline, arm exposing long sleeves and perfect bosom from Jennifer Lopez.

Made instead out of...

the fiery sequin textile from Ellie Kemper's gown.

Combined with...

the effortless skirt flow and innocent youthful glow of Emma Stone.

Accentuated by the...

glimmering jewels and steeled arms of Natalie Portman.

And of course...

Stacy Keibler's arm candy.

Yes. Now, that is more my predictable style.


What the heck.

Let's throw in some vampy Angelina Jolie leg just for fun.


This dress will be mine someday. Just as soon as I have enough money saved up to buy myself J Lo's decolletage.

Photos from People


  1. I'd like to place my order for all of the above, please!

    1. Packed and shipped! Well, except for Stacy Keibler's arm candy, that is on back order.