Friday, February 24, 2012

Wicked Amount of Sequins

We've already established that I love red, houseguests, sequins and cupcakes. 

Add to that list Wicked: The Musical.

So, when I said the other day that there was a 'Witch Conference' last Saturday, what I meant was that three of my best bwitches came over and we hung out before driving to ASU for one of the best shows on Earth.

The original plan was for us to nosh quick and go to the show together. Plans changed after I sent Jill a text before boarding her flight on Friday night asking, "People are coming here to eat b4 the show. How do you feel about throwing together a quick Oz/Wicked party when you get here?"

She said, "Yes!" And Saturday morning she began delicately putting double stick tape around my white candles then rolling them in black glitter to make them witch tight striped.

Wait, let me back track.  Jill started that glitter candle process after I woke her up with the humm-hummmmida of my sewing machine. When you stay at my house, know that once 9:00 AM hits, I stop caring about your sleep needs and start to get stitchy. Our Wicked Witch of the East legs weren't going to sew themselves.

We plugged the glitter candles into the old Target candelabra that I spray painted green last Christmas. I might even leave it out for good now because I am obsessed with Jill's stripey precision.

Next we shoved the legs into place near the front door. 

The leg idea came from photos at the Crafty Lady blog. I loosely followed her tutorial, but with more red sequin...of course. 

Jill chalked in the yellow brick road. Yep, crawling along on her hands and knees outside my house to draw out the perfect bricks. She thought that when I brought out a damp cloth that it was for her--to cool herself from the heat of the day and wipe the sweat from her brow.  Nope. It was to wipe up that crazy yellow chalk brick that was doing its own thing and start over.

When she finished with that I made her put the embellishments on our wooden 'brick road' sign.

No. This is not the story of Cinderella? Why would you ask that?

By this point guests were set to arrive in about ten minutes. We still hadn't even showered. A quick face wash and hair slick weren't going to cut it. I was about 12 hours overdue for a deodorant touch up and was pretty sure that the workload and my pungent stench were going to keep Jill from ever wanting to visit again.

I threw together the green punch components in my trifle bowl -- lime sherbet, 7-Up and limeade concentrate. It was a hot mess. Knowing that I didn't have time to stir it and make it look pretty, I shoved the little foam witch hat we had made down onto the iceberg of sherbet that was sticking out of the top. Melting witch is supposed to be a hot mess, right? I became OK with it.

Five minutes left.

Crap. We still hadn't made those cute little witch leg cupcakes we saw on Pinterest. I made a two minute version. Stop judging me.

After I bolted out of the shower, greased my hair back, and was zipping up my dress, I heard Mr. Schatze entertaining our guests. Martha would throw up at my poor time management and lack of pulled togetherness. Oh well.

I threw a bow tie on Roldy quick and hoped that Jill had switched out the appetizers and stirred the meatballs.

She had.

Sigh of relief. The party was started. We could all drink and be merry. Merry, except for Jill who continually worked hard to make sure that the appetizers were hot and delicious.

Before the show I snuck off to my bedroom to put together the witch gift bags for my girls. They each got a CD of Wicked: The Musical, a sparkler wand and gifts from the wizard.

Do you get it? The wizard gifts?

Heart: A glittery heart notepad

Courage: A small bottle of liquid courage

Brains: A magazine. Hey, in my book, if you read it, then it counts as learnin.

Now it is over --a week later-- and I am left with only the lyrics of Defying Gravity on repeat in my head, witch legs sticking out from under the buffet, and an empty guest room. If I was a Saddy Sadderton, I think that I would lay on the couch and drown my sorrows in a giant glass of green punch with vodka. Since I'm not, I will be grateful today that I know you -- because I truly do believe that I have been changed for the better.

Oh, and then I'll take a minute to be grateful that Jill worked so hard to get this Wicked party thrown together. Just one though.


  1. Thanks for entertaining me once again! Glad you and Jill had fun!

    1. Always a pleasure Justine! And thanks for sharing your sister for the week.

  2. Heidi, this is so cute! Thanks so much for the shout out! I love the yellow brick road :) So clever.
    Hope you are having a great week!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! And thanks again for the great inspiration and tutorial!