Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Curtains For You...

2010. The day after Christmas. I giddily rushed around the local JoAnns with my DIY-brotha-from-a-different-motha, Zach.  We entered in order to check out the clearance fabric that was an additional 50% off that day, but we stayed to film an entire episode on curtains for our new home show instead.  A show that does not exist.  And an episode that we filmed with our pretend hand crank video cameras like 5-year-olds.  Embarrassingly marvelous, much to the chagrin of our spouses.  

Despite such a tight schedule for filming, Zach managed to pick out the fabric and styles that he wanted for curtains in their new home. Then, after a hair and make-up touch up, I went to work.  Measure. Cut. Fold. Iron. Sew. Iron. Ship curtains to Zach in Illinois.

A blue wave rod pocket for the closet without doors:

Blue wave to let a little sun into the bedroom:

Orange paisley tab top curtains for the living room.  Zach painted and framed the orange masterpiece on the right.  So talented.

That crafty bugger even went out into the woods to find the perfect sticks to use as curtain rods.  I am lucky to have such an amazing co-host.

The same style for the nearby dining room.

And cut.  That's a wrap.  We will get that video out as soon as the footage from our pretend cameras gets back from editing.  [curtain closes]

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