Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Writing's On the Wall and the Chair and the Lamp

Words rock.  I love them.  And seeing all of the amazing places and things that have been blanketed with conversation lately has made me salivate more than a frosting peaked cupcake.  That's a lot of mouth dribble, Buttercream.  I mean, Buttercup.

Exhibit 1: Victoria's chair on "Revenge."  She is an evil shrew so you instinctively want to hate her, but then she is sitting in her amazing throne that makes you love her for no other reason than that she chose to put her cheeks in it.  Too much to handle.  Hooked on Houses actually tracked down some similar seats at HomeGoods, which is dangerously close to me.  Luckily, I am holding out for something in red with cream script.

Exhibit 2: "Once Upon a Time" door.  Again with an ABC show.  They are doing something write over there.  I had to stop and rewind about 3 times before I just decided to pause and take a picture.  Then a fourth to actually listen to what was going on in the story.

Exhibit 3: Little Glass Box lamp.  A leftover fabric scrap and a sharpie turned her drab shade into a love letter to her son.  So sweet.  It kind of makes me want to do a dirty version from a romance novel.  Imagine your guests leaning in to admire the beautiful scripted shade and then watching their eyes widen as they read, "Melissa rode him hard, breathing fast and panting loudly."

Exhibit 4: Blue room featured in Elle Decor magazine.  The writing's on the wall.  If Mr. Schatze is not down with letting me pen on the walls in our own home, then I am coming to yours.  There you go.

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  1. Love all these, esp the last one. Really want to do this, just can't decide on what chapter to pick. i'm totally gonna pin this.