Monday, November 7, 2011

Boutique Love: Santaur

Thanks to all who supported me at the MPCC indoor boutique this last weekend, and a big hello to my new friends!  It is always a treat to meet new people, talk about creating new things, and attend an event that has a giant bake sale table.

I brought out some of my painted plates and excitedly debuted my new holiday blocks.

They come in a set of three and are available on my new etsy site here.  While it was fun to sell them, the most creative pleasure came from the lost sale to my new red-headed-5ish-little-boy BFF.  He enjoyed making some different combos and started the high-pitched beg to his mom.  She said that she would think about and continued checking out the vendors.  She browsed while my little ginger prince kept trying to tug her back to my table with all his might.  When he was pulled sadly out the door about 20 minutes later we almost had one of those slow motion movie moments where we reached out one hand for each other while mouthing the prolonged 'Nooooooo!'  Likely he had forgotten about the blocks by the time he made it to the car, but I am choosing to believe he spent that night tossing and turning while developing a plan to escape his drab home, tricycle it back down to the boutique with his piggy bank and spend the rest of the night giddily making every combo available out of the three blocks.

Of course his favorite, like mine, would be the Santaur combo.

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