Thursday, November 3, 2011

Costume Update: Know Who Butters Your Bread

Thanks to the efficiency of our US Postal Service, the Elvis costume arrived before Halloween and my niece had sufficient time to practice her air guitar and hip swing.  She rocked it so hard that her brilliant, white, bedazzled masterpiece turned black-hair-dye gray and fall-festival-grass-stain green.  I can't bear to see it in that condition.

Just so you know how this all got started:  In 2008, I told Elvis that I would make her Halloween costume, hoping with my deepest desires that I would get to hand craft a wedding dress worthy Snow White costume, or even something similar.  Instead, she wanted to be Hillary Clinton.  I got to sew a blue pants suit.  I snuck in glittery lining and rhinestone buttons for my own needs.


2009: Cinderella?  Nope, Michael Jackson.  That is a hand beaded glove my friend.  While my dreams might be crushed, my attention to detail does not waiver.

2010:  Jessie from Toy Story? How about a green Army guy from Toy Story, minus the gun of course.

Why, do you ask, do I continue making costumes that are polar opposite of my heart's desire?  First off, I would hate to mess with the creative genius that is bubbling inside my niece.  I must give 100% each year to make her vision come to life. I would have it no other way.

Second, I know who butters my bread, Darling.  Mr. Schatze and I don't have kids, and that cute green Army face may just be picking out our nursing home.  It could be the difference between a jello square for dessert or ambrosia...and I am just not willing to risk it.


  1. Seriously... I'm AMAZED by your creativity. Love love love!

  2. Thanks Jana! Love love love you!