Monday, November 21, 2011

DIViji: Whoomp, Chair It Is!

Everyone knows that a good chair is like a welcome home hug for your butt cheeks.  Combine that southern sensation with a seat that wallops your eyes with panache and you've got the fixins' for a chair ride that will make your toes curl.  That's what we were shooting for with Viji's living room accent chair.

We picked up this ho hum number at Home Goods in the clearance section.  It isn't horrible, just not Viji.

I started ripping off the layers one at a time.  Each layer came with its own set of loathsome staples that I pulled out with the needle-nose pliers.

Just me and the angry bird pulling out motha lovin staples.

Thankfully, Viji tapped in for the seat staples.  She earned her staple removal badge too.

The blog-o-sphere is abuzz with the awesomeness of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint so we decided to try it for ourselves on the chair frame.  Part of the paint's magic is that you can paint directly onto finished items and it will stick perfectly.  No sanding.  Dreamy.  We ordered it from 'round the coop in Orange County because no one in Arizona carries it yet.  Alabama has it.  I guess Backwoods Bob's need to freshen up the color on his garage sale taxidermy is greater than my need to paint a chair.

courtesy of 'round the coop

No offense Bob, I am just jealous.  Your stuffed squirrel really is lovely and I truly appreciate that skunk jerky you sent.  So thoughtful, Peaches.

Viji brought her spray paint tenacity to the staple gun.  So fierce in fact that she was shooting out two staples at a time.  That woman doesn't mess around.

We reused the piping from the seat and back sections because that's how we roll.  Resourceful, reliant and really trying to have extra money at the end for mojitos.

Building the layers back up gave us a merry motivation that we feared had been lost in staple pulling...and only a few glue burns from hot gluing the piping back into place.

We stapled the black panel with the multilingual caution message back onto the bottom.  Caution: This chair will rock your world.

Now if this doesn't make you want to crawl through your computer screen and go for a ride, nothing will.  I have fanny quiver just looking at it.  Bob, something like this would look great out on your front lawn in between that truck and the picnic table that Bubba passed out on before his wedding.


  1. We team up really great!!! I say YAAY to Heidi!!!

  2. We are a great team Viji! I daresay that you are the jelly to my peanut butter.

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