Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ho, Ho, Hold the Tonic; Just Give Me Vodka

My Chrismas spirit is getting dangerously close to turning into Christmas stress.  Which sometimes leads to Christmas sloshed and then Christmas 'Sorry I took it too far with that joke about Rudolph's Christmas balls.'

Mr. Schatze's family comes over to our place this Sunday for our holiday celebration and there is much left to do.  This is a recent conversation that I had with the Mr.

Me: What do you want to serve for the Christmas meal when your family comes over? And don't say turduken.
Mr: <Pause for serious reflection>   Turcowpig.
Me: ?
Mr.  Yeah, we will shove a bunch of hot dogs and hamburgers in the turkey and have turcowpig.
Me:  Clink, clink <of the ice cubes> Splish, Splash <of the vodka>
I did find if terribly amusing, but you know how it goes when you don't want to be too encouraging.  If the to-do list wasn't as long I may have revamped this Zazzle shirt into a turcowpig.  Maybe next year.

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