Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIViji: It Hurts So Good

Coming to you live from Viji's.

Viji thought that it would be nice to surprise the kids with all of their bedroom updates before Christmas.  Marvelous.  Then we decided it would be fun to have a big reveal like on those TV shows.  Mayhem.  Today is reveal day.

Earlier this morning, I brought in all the items we purchased and the projects that had been crafted.  In that pile below is a long, slender box with bookshelf pieces from Ikea.  I am pretty sure that it is labeled as a two person lift.  So heavy.  Since it is just me right now I skateboarded it through the garage and then did the lift and flip until I got to the carpet where I could slide.  I have no patience.

I know, I know.  But, I lifted with my legs.  Even still, I think that 80-year-old Heidi might look back on this as her back spasms and give the younger Schatze a big "WTF?"  Don't worry though. Then, someone will bring her a giant bowl of ambrosia riddled with marshmallows and she will forget all about it as she gums it down and 'accidentally' drops her spoon for the male nurse to pick up.

Her room will not be the same tonight:

 Nor will his:

I sort of feel like I am on an episode of Trading Spaces.  Except:

~ No one is filming while I talk to myself
~ There is no one around to where a matching shirt with me to be Team Green
~ And my hottie carpenter is working his day job

Maybe I will make Viji put on a matching shirt when she gets here.

Part of today's transformation involves a Percy Jackson silhouette mural.  What?  I am not a crazy fool!...OK, maybe a little.  But, I will get back to work, so get off my back.  My slowly deteriorating old lady back.

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