Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Four Legged Fascinator

How is it that I had never made a fascinator?  When the Royal Wedding footage started rolling in last spring, my heart started to punch aggressively outward on itself, making room for my flourishing new love for hypnotizing head pieces.  

Beatrice got all the coverage.


But my favorite was Zara Phillips in her Philip Treacy done-right number.  Yummy.

Instead of making my first fascinator, I bought one.  You heard me, ponied up the cash because I couldn't help myself.  Amid a leisurely peruse down the unseasonably snowless streets of Luverne, MN before Christmas, my l'amour jumped out at me like rabbit in heat from the display behind the registers at the Grapevine.

Me:  <After signing the receipt for some new tiny spatulas> Wait. What is that with the glittery green olives over there?!
Sally Sales: Oh, this is our holiday martini glass headband.  <She walks it over>
Choir of Angels: "JOY joy JOY joy JOY joy JOY joy JOY"
Sally Sales: We have one with little wrapped presents too.
Me: Nope. I think I'm in love. Glittery Green Olives!
Sally Sales: Are you a martini gal?
Me: Um, I am kind of an everything gal.
Sally Sales: <Laughed as if I had just made a joke.  I hadn't>
Me: I'll take it.

Sally rang me up as I shook with excitement and anticipation.  This was really happening.  My first fascinator, from the posh Southwest Minnesota equivalent to London, Luverne.

Sally Sales: <handing me my bagged new dome decoration with a smile> I know you are an everything girl, but don't let this bring too much merry to your Christmas.
Me:  I can't promise you that.  
Sally Sales: <Laughed as if I had again made a joke that I hadn't.>

So, the whole Tini Topper experience motivated me to throw together an additional gift for my brother-in-law, Rob, whose name I had drawn for the family gift exchange.  A sort of manly fascinator if you will.

One rough pattern...


Some macho hunting fleece...



The Best Christmas Ever

Someone needs to hold my hair back.  Too much merry.


  1. YES! Although, I'm not sure which one I like better...

  2. We could easily make the tini fascinators Amy!