Friday, December 2, 2011

Dessert Is Best Served On The Record

There are too many dreamy DIY cake stand tutorials out there.

Too many, I say, because I couldn't fight the urge to try it for myself.  On a most inconvenient night when I should have been sleeping.

In all honesty, I knew the time was rapidly approaching.  I purchased candle holders from Dollar Tree and Epoxy Quick Setting glue from Harbor Freight for that rainy day when I had nothing better to do.  

Yeah, rainy days rarely come to Arizona so my tendency is to cram it into a time period where I have anxiousness about something else going on to distract myself.  Like the night before the Intel craft fair.  So I decided to turn some of my painted plates from last year into cake stands.

And then I had a reason for cupcakes.  Nothing spruces up a piece of serveware like a luscious baked dessert.  

You're welcome.

I did the same with the pinwheel plate.

Listen, you're the most ravishing Cupcake around.

No, you are.

You are.

OK, yes, just this once.

That gluing process was too quick and still many hours on the clock left for tossing and turning so I used my new puncher to squeeze out 40ish little paper snowflakes to make a whole new stand.  40 glistening Modge Podged dancers.

When I was taking this photo on the blanketed chair in the backyard my neighbor was hanging his Christmas lights and peeked over the fence to scare the living Mother of Goodness out of me.  His real intention might have been to say hello, but we almost had a frosting bleeding, sprinkle powder residue, put on your latex gloves to dust for flour prints, cupcake casualty.

Not OK neighbor Chad, not OK.

With all the snowflakes attached, there was still too much tick-tick on the clock.  I reached for the closest paper product around, my hometown newspaper, Luverne, MN's Star Herald.  If you've had the pleasure of reading it, you know that there is only one section appropriate for decoupaging onto glassware.

On The Record.

The section giving you the rundown of all the calls placed into the police department that week and what Rock County's finest did to remedy the "situations."

During Mr. Schatze's first trip to Luverne, I starred in my own tabbed segment of On The Record whilst hosting after-bar snacks for my friends.  Foolishly, I didn't put it in the scrap book, but it went something like this:
* Complainant reported activity in the Dairy Queen after midnight.  Officers visited and it was the owner's daughter.  She had the key.

Off The Record:  That likely isn't the only recorded segment that has been about me.  Don't even!  You helped too, Bandit!

Back On The Record:  I was wrong.  I thought the cupcake was the ultimate sprucer.  The empress of adornment if you will.  But, sprinkle some town gossip on that dessert, and you have a treat so sinful that the Rock County PD phone lines will burst into flames from all the calls.  The calls to report your sweet cupcake cheeks just walking down Main Street...and maybe a few about that kid practicing his bullwhip skills.


  1. Love the "on the record" cake stand! Best use for it ever!

  2. Thanks Jill! You should save them so we can Decoupage them to everything at Christmas...OTR ornaments, OTR garden gnomes, OTR dining chairs...

  3. I want an on the record cake stand!