Friday, December 23, 2011

DIViji: Shreya Reveal

Viji and I have fully recovered from our kid's room marathon and are ready to share the fruits of our labor.  No banana fruits though. About six hours into the thirteen hour day, I dug though Viji's kitchen and stole her last banana.  Remember that if you hire me; hide the fruit bowl.

Shreya's Room: In the Beginning


Shreya's Room: After Paint

Shreya's Room: Video Reveal.  Wait.  Don't get too excited.  Just some room scans.  I've asked Santa for either a video production and film team or some recording skills for Christmas.

Shreya's Room: Final Product

~ Updated bed lamp
~ Name letters spray painted then jeweled by Viji
~ New spot for old wall decor

~ New jewel ball curtain rod
~ New curtains
~ New blinged wall hooks
~ New Ikea chair
~ New Home Depot circle wall mirrors

~ New Hobby Lobby 'Fabulous' pillow

~ Shifted dresser
~ New Fashion Design Dry Erase Station

I drew that frilly 80's number on the fashion silhouette myself so that Shreya would get the gist of how it works.  So help me God, Michael Kors, if I see that design in your runway show this spring, I am uninviting you to my 'red' party in the Hampton's.  You know, the one that I may or may not be able to afford to throw in 2045.  I will show you how I made the fashion dry erase board soon.

Shreya favored the dry erase fashion board and her name letters.  But honestly, most of all, she loved to be back in her room after an entire day of being locked out.

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