Monday, December 26, 2011

DIViji: Abhi Reveal

Happy day after Christmas; I am giving you a Percy Jackson mural.  Enjoy.  You don't know who that is?  I didn't either when Abhi told me that he wanted a room centered around Percy Jackson.  They are Abhi's favorite books.  I've never read them and had NO clue what to do.  After renting and watching the movie I still had no clue.  

Abhi's Room: In the Beginning

Abhi's Room: After Paint

At this point, my crude conclusion was that a mural was my best way to bring Percy to life.  With minimal confidence on what would be cool and appropriate, I called on a pro.  My 12-year-old nephew, Liam.

Text exchange:

Me: Hey! If you were going to paint a Percy Jackson mural what would you do?
Liam: Percy with lightening on one wall and Poseidon with his trident and dolphins on another.
Me: You rock! Thanks so much! I think that will be great.
Liam: You're welcome.  It's perfect.

I love a kid with confidence.

Abhi's Room: Video Reveal. Again, I have to start somewhere folks.

Abhi's Room: Final Product

The minimal wall space meant there was only room for Percy, so Poseidon got the boot.  I tried hard not to let Viji know that I was freaking out about doing a mural in one day. The same one day that we were putting both rooms together.  Something about painting a giant surprise on a kid's bedroom wall that they may love...or hate, was making me throw up a little in my mouth every time I thought about it.  Thankfully, she gave Abhi a peek at the mural drafts I emailed her.  He was all about Percy, but sent feedback to make the lightening thinner.  I was grateful for the insight.  So very less-acid-in-my-mouth grateful.

~ 3-hour Percy Jackson silhouette mural with glow in the dark lightening

~ Name letters in stone textured spray paint
~ New mod Ikea accent pillow 
~ New bed clip lamp

~ New Ikea Billy bookcase
~ New Ikea chair

The glow in the dark looks OK during the day.  But, at night, which was when we showed Abhi his new room, the glowy lightening rocks your world.  You need to invite yourself over to see it in person.

While we were still standing in the bedroom blackness, Abhi said, "Ahhhh! How did you do that? That's cool!" No one could see it, but I fist pumped in the air and peed a little with excitement.  Whatever acid erosion happened to my teeth enamel during my mural anxiety is cool with me now.

Thank the Sweet Big Cheese for well read 12-year-old nephews.

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