Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trend: Quilted

I just need one more day of quilt.

Quilted the trend. To soak it in.

Zara Velvet Decorative Quilt - Lusting. Hard.

Burberry and Chanel have been quilting for years.

Burberry Ribbed Quilt Jacket

Roberto Cavalli's Quilted Stretch-Leather Skirt is hot and slimming.  And is trying to convince you and I to sew a version of it for ourselves. It's working.

Hard, shiny quilted home decor? Yes, please.

Meet quilted. He's tufted's classy grandson.

You can have your quilting and eat it too.

Cake Art by Rabia wedding cake

I think my inner bad-ass could pull off these kicks for about an hour.

But would need to spend the other waking hours in these to make up for it.

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