Monday, July 29, 2013

Caution: Insecure Furniture

Our friends are worried about baby proofing.  Anthony is worried about Heidi proofing.

Seriously. I think its still the ladder on the table to change a light bulb thing from years ago. I've told you about it. He needs to let it go. I haven't hurt myself for weeks now.

However, I guess I can kind of see his passion to secure the armoire to the wall to prevent tipping. 

If that hog tips over, it is going to crash through the floor to the hallway below and likely still have enough momentum to travel through the foundation of our house.  I'm sorry. I take that back. My weight comments only fuel her insecurity. She's big-boned and I love her.

They sell belting devices for securing furniture to the wall, but it seemed expensive and not that strong and not easy to add to the back of a piece that weighs more than most European cars.  

We went with metal pipe hanger tape and screws instead. 

And I said it was OK to attach it to the top since no one will ever see it.

Anthony checked for live wires before he let me drill. Thoughtful.

Now we're safe. Safe from falling armoires with confidence issues anyway.

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