Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quick Change: My DIY Sharpie Graphic-T

My sister Holli knew how to rock a blazer.  It was 1992 and her first year at college and she looked uber smart like she was (is) and I wondered how I could get one for myself so I could rock it in the halls of 7th grade small town Minnesota.

It didn't happen then. But it happened last night.

Because I figured out a way to make my blazer less stuffy. More comfortable. More me.

Answer: Sharpie Graphic T-shirt.

You know that Old Nay Vintage Tees are my uniform.  I have more than I should and wear them more than I want to admit.

One was sacrificed for this project.

I read through a good Sharpie Custom shirt tutorial on Instructables and gained confidence in the project.

And decided to use the face of Eleanor Roosevelt for my graphic.  Because she was awesome. 

And courageous. 
And driven. 
And tall like me.

Despite having direct sunlight streaming in, with my shirt taped to the window, it was hard to see the grayed image through the gray shirt unless I was far back.

So, after I had a rough outline I just did the best I could drawing out the image using the print out beside the shirt for reference. 

And I didn't stress. 
And spent 30 minutes. 
Because it is a T-shirt and doesn't matter.

And I turned Eleanor's chain into a Carrie Bradshaw necklace because it felt so right and so wrong so I didn't have a choice.

Rocking a blazer in my way felt amazing and empowering.

Was I using the fearlessness and strength of Eleanor to help me feel comfortable with my quick change decision? Damn right I was.

But let's be honest. I would have used the strength of The Clash if I would have gone with my #2 sharpie shirt choice, Rock the Cash Bar!  Lyric blunder intentional.

But let's keep it real.  I had the strength inside me anyway. I can rock a blazer all on my own. My sister showed me how.

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