Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shopping - Where I've Been Dropping Dough

My life is a constant hunt.  Hunting for furniture, books, tools, time.

Sometimes for me, rarely predictable, sometimes reselling and always educational.

Come along to my recent hunting grounds and see the cost for my kills.

Occasional Table // Goodwill // $11.99

She has no home or direction yet, but for the low price and minimal wear (mostly on top), I couldn't leave without her.  Arizona Goodwills offer monthly 20% off coupons which I used in this instance. 

My favorite time to hit up Goodwill? Late Sunday afternoon before they close.  With the drop offs still cool from my neighbor's cars, fresh in the display area.  I wish I had the spring in my step to shop the 50% off Saturdays, but I rarely make it happen.

Hat Stand, Pear & Apple // Facebook Group // $35

Just when I had my facebook time to a minimum, I entered into facebook 'selling' groups. And then it all went to hell.  They run basically like craigslist, but offer more of a community feel.  There are questions, bartering and idea sharing that you don't get from craigslist. Not to mention a face to go with it.

Below are the groups I'm enjoying in my Phoenix, AZ area, but you can find them everywhere.

The purchases above? I love the hat stand. And am having buyer's remorse for the fruit. 

Quilting Foot // Amazon // $19.74

We adore having Amazon Prime.  And adore not having to go out in the heat when we can get goods for good prices, even groceries, delivered right to the door.

It is still up in the air if I adore quilting.

Pinkie & Blue Boy Prints // Estate Sale // $5

Purchased with an artistic transformation in mind, I'm not sure that I can follow through anymore. Not now that I know their names and story.  Pinkie and The Blue Boy may have talked me into displaying them untouched, even if they are cheap reprints.

Use EstateSales.net to find upcoming sales close to you. I even use it on vacation. Dangerous.

Travertine Backsplash Squares // Floor and Décor // $7.99 - $9.99

I can almost taste backsplash.  Which one should we do?

The cabinets aren't white yet, I just adjusted the bottom of the photo to get a better idea. But, if I woke up tomorrow and they were white, I'd be OK with it.

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