Monday, July 15, 2013

Landing Makeover: Cabinet to Caboutnet

This is our landing.

No. This was our landing.

A book mountain atop a built in cabinet with an extra chunk of railing extending out like it owns the place.

The railing stays for now, but the catch all cabinet? Gone.

I wanted to use the cabinet as a linen closet, but because it was small with short shelves it became more of a linen shove.

And I wanted it out.

We removed the cabinet with care and precision because we have ideas for reassignments, but also because it bothers me when I see people destroy perfectly good cabinets when they can be donated with minimal effort to places like Habitat ReStore and Stardust Building Supplies.

We unscrewed all the visible screws from the inside and razored through the caulk around the edge of the top.

We were left with a crusty, uncarpeted, discolored hole.

We pried off the cabinet base.

And the molding pieces that were positioned in the corner since they left gaps where the cabinet butted up against the wall.

We had leftover matching molding from my studio, so Anthony put in two pieces to cover the corner.

I scraped off the leftover caulk and paint chunks from the edges, and then filled in all the holes and cuts left in the wall.  The space is going to be covered, but at least now it is ready for paint when the time comes.

We had a patch of carpet leftover from the studio as well. But no pad.

Anthony cut two sections of cardboard to use as padding and a carpet chunk for the top.

Anthony: You're really going to share the ghetto cardboard carpet solution?
Me: Hell yes!
He used a staple gun to set all the layers into place. Then, caulked the nail holes and edges of the molding.

A complete little corner.

Pretty? No.
Ready? Yes.

Ready for the armoire that is.

The armoire. A $150 purchase (including delivery) from craigslist last year. In our previous home, she housed our microwave and liquor accouterments and I used to call her the bar-moire. 

Anthony's most hated piece of furniture. Based entirely on the fact that she is an unbearable beast to move. 

And the four men that moved her upstairs the other weekend might still hold resentment for me.

A lot of resentment.
Or a little for a long time.
Or we might not talk again, I'm not sure how this is going to play out.

Nevertheless, the blankets and sheets and towels are finally happy to have more breathing room.

And just a heads up, when we get new carpet, I'm going to need your help to move her down the hall.
I'm serious.