Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shop: Harbor Freight

We just had Christmas in July.

With each present coming from Harbor Freight Tools.  Have you ever been?  It is like an Ace, but with some of the more powerful tools like you'd see at a Lowe's or Home Depot.  The differences being the brands and the prices.

The prices being ridiculously low.

Anthony got a new wood work bench for $125 and the casters for easy wheeling for $8.

And a multi-tool for $15 that we've already used for grinding off a screw coming out of a cabinet we removed.

Some fear that the prices mean low quality, but we haven't experienced that with the items we have purchased.

I like the $1 paint brushes because you can throw them away after a project like Drylock, and I've been using the two part epoxy to adhere glass candlesticks to glass plates for years.

One couple needed a wet saw for redoing all the tile in their master bathroom.  The quotes for renting one from a more popular store were more than buying a new one from Harbor Freight.  The bought it, used it without issue, and now the rest of the neighbors have a wet saw to borrow.

And bike lifts? $8.

Ho, Ho, Ho, hold up my bike so I stop tripping over it.

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