Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cut Offs for the Curvy

Each year I get a better understanding of the types and tailoring of clothing that works best for my body type. That body being curvy with plentiful hips. A woman's body. The kind that ancient Greeks used to model statues after.

Denim cut offs were on the list of horribly unflattering. 
Because I found a way to make them work for me.

I expect certain things out of my shorts:

Room to breathe
Length to sit
Length to keep my thighs from brawling
Length to cover the under butt area that I have no desire to show off

I chose an old pair of Maurices jeans to use for my cut offs because they have give and always stretch out to get that baggy comfortable feel after an hour of wear. Qualities that I hate as jeans, but perfect for shorts.

Side note, I got them for $12 while shopping with my niece. I hadn't been in a Maurices since 17 at the Sioux Empire Mall, but was thoroughly charmed by some of their options.

1.  Determine the length

Try the jeans on in front of the mirror and place a pin to mark where you think you would like the front of the shorts to be. Then, compare that to your favorite pair of shorts.  I like at least 5 inches for my inseam so when the pin was at 5.5 inches, I knew I'd be comfortable.

2. Cut the front

I cut straight across the front from seam to seam.  If you're not comfortable using the pin as a guide, then you can mark it out with chalk or pen.

3. Cut the back

This is where the curve appeal / modesty level changes.  Before you cut the backs, mark 1-2 inches down from your front cut on the inside of the back of the jean.  Then, curve down from the starting seam to meet your mark, continue across, and curve back up to the ending seam. When you lay them flat, they will look like this:

4. Cut side slits

Without the slit, the denim hugged my thighs like casing on a sausage. Not a flattering look. Cut slits up the outside seams to your comfort level. (mines are 2.5 inches) This will make them more boxy, which is good in this case, and add a hint of sexy that's flattering , not fattering.

5. Secure your side seam

Once you've cut your side slit where you want it, sew back and forth a few times over the side seam.  This will prevent the seam from separating further and taking your shorts to a very unclassy place.

6. Cut fray slits

I cut up about 1/4 of an inch every inch or so. Make it what you want.

7. Wash & Wear

I wore them them out the other night for weekday sushi and was overjoyed to be comfortable, and confident and to not have my butt stick to the vinyl booth seat. Winning.


  1. Loved them! Maybe I will make a pair for myself :)

    Blessings from Uruguay

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment Lucia! Let me know how yourcut offs turn out.

  3. Woah- found this after "cut offs curvy"- you're the first result and you should be. This is a GENIUS idea- never thought hi-lo shorts would be cute but these truly are ADORABLE and perfect for the slightly more body conscious lady such as myself who still wants to kick it in shorts once in a while. Love. Can't wait to try. xoxo

    1. Thanks for your comment Kelsey! You made my day. I'm excited for you to rock your cut offs.