Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesdays with Isaac: Trick.

Good day.  This is Isaac.

I have to be honest.  I was apprehensive about this 'Fall' thing.

And by apprehensive I mean that I hated it.

I thought that it meant getting my naked body shoved into cold sticky squashes. Not OK.

After giving my mom and Heidi a lengthy spiel on the importance of a bow tie and a snappy pair of chestnut colored trousers, I tolerated the pumpkin stuffing.

 And the Frankenstein stuffing.

But today, apprehension turned into love.

And excitement.

Thrilled by Heidi's stories about kids going door to door collecting candy gratis.

And knowing that I can hide by her door with my gas guzzling lawnmower and chase after them in a trail of pollen and smoldering oil.  In the fashion of Jobe from the 1992 hit Lawnmower Man.

You know you saw it.

And enjoyed it.

Happy my 1st Halloween.

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  1. This poor child! I hope his mother includes copies of your blog posts in his therapy journal! ;-)