Friday, October 5, 2012

Operation Listing: Paint

The tan color that has been on our walls for the past 8 years wasn't atrocious.  Loosely still clinging to the 'neutral' category, I'd say.

But we felt the need to paint for two reasons.

Oh and...

2. We had previously painted everything ourselves.  

And it was obvious.  Because we are lousy painters.

One of my paint experienced brothers-in-law even told me that it looked like Ray Charles had painted our house.  
He wasn't too far off.

So we committed to $700 plus the $145 for paint to hire a pro. A steal for practically painting the entire house.

I went through 6 different sample quarts to find the perfect creamy shade.  Anthony reminded me graciously that the $5 samples were adding up, but everything was ending up too white. Too light to show a contrast with the white baseboards.

I finally found my match in Frazee's Expression. We put it in every room, except the bathrooms that still had nice paint.

Old color:

New Color:

Clean, warm and fresh.

Blending perfectly with the stains in the carpet.  Which we will address next time.

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  1. Looks great! Ray Charles would be proud!