Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesdays with Isaac: Blood Sequins


This is Isaac.

Today Heidi took me to SAS fabrics in Tempe.

After we got inside, she started getting all judgy about the woman holding the 'Costume Time' sign out front.

Something about "She would bring in more customers if she stood on the curb" and "I know we walked in behind her, but it would have been nice if she turned and greeted us."

I let Heidi go on for about 10 minutes before I told her that it was a mannequin with a motorized lever coming out of the belly that was making the sign move.


Then I pretended to be asleep.

Because if I had to hear about 'Poly blends' for one more second, my ears were going to bleed.

Give that woman a head nod, smile or 'oh really' and she will yap about fabric for hours.

But, she caught on and called my bluff with a quick placement of beaded boobie discs.

"Too far Heidi." 

But well played.

When we made it to the register, Heidi leaned over and whispered, "All right, Isaac, use your cuteness and get me a discount on my sequins."

So I slipped one of the four bags down under my car seat into the depths of my stroller.

Heidi thought she dropped one so just paid for three.

And I giddily showed her my loot when we were packing the stroller in the car.

BooYah! Put that shiz in the baby book! My first felony!

*Update from Heidi* I'll sneak the bag back in when I go tomorrow and a pay for it then.

**Update from Isaac** I just jacked a Lexus! Can't. Stop. Stealing.

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