Monday, October 1, 2012

Operation Listing: In the Beginning...

Welcome! Come on in. 

No. No need to take off you shoes.  The new carpet isn't in yet.  

Thanks for signing up for my 'keepin it real' home tour.

The tour where I didn't bother to pick up our crap.  Or hide the sun fades in the curtains.  Just a random walk through our house showing the slapdash designing we have thrown into it for the past eight years.

As I mentioned before, we are going to try and sell our house to transition into something more supportive of my creative supply hoarding lifestyle and amazing interest rates.

And while some people don't feel the need to freshen and declutter before listing...

photo from Hooked On Houses

...we aren't those people.  No one is going to be persuaded to buy our home by my plastic fold up table behind the couch covered in Patty sequins and dancer tassels.

Well yes, actually, she might.  But, what are the chances that she would actually stop by?

So the hodgepodge is going.

Going from my corner of the office and all the closets.

Going like the red paint and extra furniture from our bedroom.

Going because in the few months that we have been looking at houses online, I've felt first hand how amazing 'neutral' and 'clean' feel in my gut.

Going because I've watched enough HGTV to see how spacious and tidy homes actually bring in a better price.

 So come along on our home transition.

Operation Listing.

Our mission to invest as much elbow grease and as little cash as possible to get top dollar.

And Operation Squash.

My personal mission to squash desires to throw an inappropriate photo into our listing.  A photo like this.

photo from Hooked on Houses

Anthony is lucky we don't have a pool.

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