Monday, October 8, 2012

Operation Listing: Carpet

Sometimes you don't realize just how repulsive your carpet is until you move everything off of it.  And can gaze upon your chorus of stains all at once.

This is the same carpet we had upon arrival in 2004.  With our new stains now:

It was torn and frayed then too, but we strategically placed furniture in order to pretend it didn't exist.

Then kept pretending for 8 years.

Now we have a full house of Stainmaster Pale Clay carpet compliments of Lowe's and their $97 install promotion.

Before I break down the pricing a bit more, let me share my sophisticated process for picking Pale Clay.


It was the cheapest.

The man that came to measure each room had been in the carpet industry for over 30 years. Used to throw a whole roll over my shoulder, but now I'm old and just measure.  He shared that over 50% of the homes that he measures for install are people replacing brand new carpet. It doesn't matter...get the cheapest 'cause I'll just be back here in a couple months to rip it out.

I was still second guessing myself when I got to the store.  Until I found myself next to the carpet pads with a woman picking out carpet for her recently purchased home.  I'm here to replace the new carpet in the house we just's just too gross not knowing what's been done on it!  Let go of the color and just get whatever is cheap so it looks clean. 

Am I the only cheap-ass out there willing to ride out the wear of someone else's carpet expenditure?  Maybe.

Pale Clay wasn't the cheapest though.  To get the $97 deal you had to choose stock carpet on the big rolls in back.  Which meant limited quantities.  I seriously went up the price list.

Um, how about the 54¢ sq ft carpet? Nope, not enough.
The 58¢? No.
The 61¢? Done. Pale Clay it is.

With the help of generous and ripped friends we moved everything we own to the garage.

And Kitchen.

And the upstairs bathroom.

To save hundreds of dollars in furniture moving fees that they would have charged us.

But we did pony up for the $300 tear out and removal fee.

And an additional $728 for the basic-est of carpet pads. 

Bringing the total charge for about 1500 square feet of new carpet for our home at: $2,551.

And you bet your ass I saved 10% by making a post office trip and grabbing a change of address coupon packet.

And in case you are doing the math, there was a $400 fee to install carpet on the wrap around stairs.


All said and done, Pale Clay is proving to be a very handsome roommate. 

Even if it does mean shoes off.  And messy meals in the kitchen...above the sink...with a bib.

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