Monday, October 29, 2012

Operation Listing: i-POD-ed

Our garage disarray is from operation listing.

But our neighbors? Their garages continuously look like this because of Operation: Lust for a basement.

Garage in Arizona = basement in Minnesota.  

Cars in the driveway. Couch, tools, fridge, gym, tan, laundry: all in the garage.  Our weather only supports the habit.

We couldn't leave it like that for listing though.  Stonewalling potential buyers from visualizing their future game room, quilting chamber, or oil stained alcove for guests.  Oh no.

So we ordered a POD.

I was painting our front door lain out on sawhorses when it was delivered.  (The door was lain out, not me) And when I saw the wheeled legs drop and the man using the attached remote to drive it off of the flatbed, I shrieked for Anthony.
Get the camera! This is fascinating!

I guess I never really stopped to think about how it would be delivered. Stork maybe? Forklift?

Not only is it a genius business idea, but it is genius drop-off engineering.

It took maybe 10 minutes.

POD delivery, pick-up and storage for one month:  $225.17
POD re-delivery to new house:  $85

The convenience of not having to drive back and forth to a storage unit? Priceless.

Well, actually not. $400 was my limit before driving back and forth didn't seem so bad.

Yes. Now that is more of an appealing garasement for buyers.

Sorry Norm. Of course I meant Norm Abram fantasy suite.  My bad.

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