Thursday, October 11, 2012

Operation Listing: De to the Clutter

Paint walls - Check
Declutter? - Checkish...

I mentioned that getting new carpet in 90% of our house meant the pain of moving everything to the kitchen, bathrooms and garage. 

But, I left out the amazing advantage.

Our house was magically 90% decluttered.

Only the necessities got to come back in.

That meant just a bed, dresser and side table for the guest room.

And only the clothes we really needed for the closet.

So while clearing out the space for carpet, I bagged up most of my cloths and donated most of Anthony's to make more room.

I kid, we each had our own mini cloth mountain to donate.

Wanna know what's crazy?  I had another donation mound when I was putting clothes back in.  

So much I don't need or wear.  It felt gratifying to purge.  Twice.  In my closet.

Don't get the wrong idea though.  There are still two garbage bags with my clothes and shoes in the garage.  I didn't go completely Tibetan monk on you.

But it did reveal that I really do wear the same few outfits all the time.

Almost every day in:

An Old Navy Vintage V Tee  (I bought 6 different colors when they went on sale for $5 and I had a 15% off coupon.)

and Lucy pants (which I recommend buying only via two scenarios:

1. the clearance items are another additional 25% off [happens every few months]
2. Black Friday when the whole store is 30-50% off.)

An article I read said that you should be able to space your hangers two inches apart when staging your closet. OK.

And a rule that I've decided is that once we list, I start folding all the clothes.  I have needs, and one of them is symmetrically folded clothes piles.  Judge me if you will.

Another need is to still get joy bumps when I walk into the closet.

That means the $30 Banana Republic sequin dress stays in peeking out seductively behind some cotton dresses.  And the giant black Seattle hat hangs proudly, unconstrained, on the wall.

What is that saying again?

It is the kitchen and the sequins that sell the a house?

Yes, that's right.


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