Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fail

When my niece Kseniya asked me if I would make her a Nya Ninjago costume for Halloween, I asked her to repeat herself three times.

Until I finally just said, "Nia Ninjagaroo, sure. Let me talk to your mom quick."

Photo from Brick Brown Fox

Using her clothing sizes from some items from Old Navy, I got it put together in time for Disney World, and their elaborate Villains Halloween Party.

Even without her face mask (which made it hard to breathe in the heat), she made Gaston look under-dressed.  (Why Disney hasn't learned to temperature and humidity control their parks yet, I do not understand.)

But that was just from the front.

The back showed the truth.

That I had failed to fully compensate for the lack of stretch in the fabric.  And should have taken measurements, not used some random Old Navy items.

When I was helping her get dressed I took the tiny scissors from my back pack and cut straight down the back to get her into it.

The pants miraculously forced themselves on.  And when the crotch did rip out later in the evening, we weren't too worried about it since the top offered full coverage in the front and back.

Until she mounted the horse on the Magic Kingdom Carousel.

And I dove to reposition her top whilst simultaneously saying a prayer that any Disney predators were hovering at the It's A Small World ride.  At least her knees were still covered.

Luckily, I had a chance to correct things and send them off in time for today.

I cut straight down the back and added binding tape and extra ties so she could just slip it right on.  And gave her a little more room in the pants. With a velcro front and tie.

Which allowed for a little more room to wear over South Dakota appropriate clothing.

So no, not a complete fail.

More a fail and quick fix.

Fail, quick fix and mental note that for her wedding in some 20 odd years she may be getting her second crotchless Nya Ninjago costume.

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