Friday, January 6, 2012

Flashback: Back in the Summer of 2009

Back in 2009, three of my nephews moved into a new house. My sister was sick of taking care of them, so she got them their own place down the street. I kid. They all moved, but, for the first time, the boys got their very own bedrooms.

Initially, sister Sherri talked to me about painting mural/sports logo types of things on their walls as their birthday presents. After hashing out the details, we decided that paintings on canvas would be the way to go. Mission: Birthday Paintings for Nephews began.  Part 1: Liam.  That's right, Liam, the one that saved my butt on the Percy Jackson mural.

Part 1 actually includes 3 paintings since Liam spreads his love between 3 different teams:

New England Patriots (Boo!)

New York Yankees (The only interest I have in baseball is stadium beer and occasional updates on the roid scandal so Yankees Shmankees.  I don't really care.)


The Phoenix Suns (Yay!! WooHoo! My hometown team!)

I drew out the team logos on 18x18 canvases and painted away, while Mr. Schatze made a quest out of getting an artistic action shot. I should have shown more enthusiasm when I heard the click of the shutter.
August 09, approximately 4 months after Liam's birthday, I finished his paintings. Side note: I did not win aunt of the year for 2009.

I had the honor of personally delivering Liam's paintings which was a special treat for me.  It was a treat of bribed hugs and kisses if he ever wanted to get his gift. Scrumptious. 

Look at how cool he looks standing next to his paintings wearing a slight smile to show just enough joy while still looking hardcore enough to say that he could take you. So precious.

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