Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Buffet, This Next Leap Will Be Your Leap Home.

It is a big day for me.

I bought a buffet off of craigslist.

Technically, it is an old record player cabinet.  That is why I love it so much.  I have fond memories of the stereo cabinets that both sets of my grandparents had.

When we moved to Luverne, we ended up using one of those cabinets as a TV stand.  One night --pre VCR--  I was completely wrapped up in an episode of Quantum Leap, so I set my tape recorder up on the cabinet to capture the thrilling audio streaming from our tube television.  I wish I could time travel back and tell little Heidi about DVR and Tivo, but I fear her/my head might explode. 

OK, so maybe the red velvet lining plays a small part in my love for it too.

I share all of this with you because:

a. my excitement overfloweth
b. if this deal goes sour, then there is now a trail of bread crumbs to lead you to my body in Gilbert, AZ.

More specifically, the border of Gilbert and Queen Creek.


  1. ooooh love those curves! nice find! do you plan on refinishing it or leaving it in it's original condition?

    1. Originally refinish, but it is in really good shape, so I think that I better just leave it alone. It replaced an old Target bookshelf in the dining room, so I am excited to have big girl furniture now!

  2. Also, I meant to disclose that I paid $200. I feel pretty good about that. But, um, if I got screwed I might need you to wait a week to fill me me in on that. ;)