Monday, January 16, 2012

Flash Back To the Future

Finally, the end to this nephew painting trilogy. No more paint for a while.  Well, until I take you back to Viji’s to share what has been getting color shmeared over there.  Until then, sit back and get ready to be sucked into the captivating story about when my nephew Vaughn threw the ring and Gollum into the fiery lava to save Middle-earth. I mean how Vaughn teamed up with Danny Ocean in an effort to bring Willy Banks and his casino down a diamond after messing with their boy, Rueben.


Not that kind of trilogy? Suit yourself, but you are screwing yourself out of a delightful Clooney / Pitt / Cheadle / nephew Vaughn candygram.

Vaughn loves Hot Wheels (along with hugs, drawing ninjas and stealing cereal bars from his Uncle Schatze while he has his back turned and then eating them). And, much like my own burning obsession, the kid also loves red.

I checked out the website to find something that would fit the bill for his acrylic undertaking. The equation of winning components chosen was as follows.

The the car style in this:

PLUS components of the background style in this:

MULTIPLIED BY a color and direction revamp

EQUALS this:

While I am secretly hoping that Vaughn’s life turns out like the Back to the Future trilogy so he can escort his aunt Heidi back to Dillards in Scottsdale where she let those fabulous silver sequined heels on clearance slip away in March 2000, my greater hope is that the red car painting stays on his walls for at least the next 20 years. After that, there could be some negotiations with a significant other involved. But, I'll just have to bribe that bridge when I come to it.

Scream it louder.

I love Auntie Heidi!!

Yes.  Good.

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